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Что такое Glue Up

Glue Up, previously EventBank, was founded in 2013, started with the idea on how to bridge the gap that event organizers had in managing events with technology.
Two years later, we’ve built membership management tools and a few years later, EventBank was more than just "events".

The brand grew up to become an all-in-one engagement platform.

Fast forward to 2020, Glue Up expanded its portfolio to bring communities and engagement to the center of attention, making clients' success our mission.

Today, Glue Up empowers organisations, revolutionizing relationships, delivering long-term business value, and making modern engagement more purposeful.

How Glue Up can help

The team at Glue Up works to transform the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships. Our solutions generate efficiency, engagement, and more time for organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide.

With an intuitive SaaS platform, Glue Up is the leading provider of the cloud solutions that provide associations, event organizers, Chambers of Commerce, agencies, marketers, businesses, and NGOs with a full suite of tools designed to streamline operations, modernize processes, and eliminate engagement challenges.

Как мы к этому пришли

2013 EventBank
2015 Research
2017 Развитие
2018 Расширение
2019 Recognition
2020 Инновация
Август Glue Up
paygage is accessible

Olivia and Eric launched EventBank to create an event management software that could help automating and leveraging the data from their events.

Through partnership with the different Associations and Chambers of Commerce, EventBank develops its award winning Membership Management module.

Мобильные приложения имеют весь тот же универсальный функционал, что и веб-платформы Glue Up.

EventBank expands its presence through APAC by opening offices in Singapore and Hong Kong and Russia via joint-venture.

EventBank is recognized as leading tech company in Washington DC area

Launched new “Community Engagement” modules

Потому что наличные для новичков

We mean it when we say it’s all-in-one

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