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Helping You Build
Stronger Communities

Centralize all your data in one place and get deep insights into your community so you can understand engagement and improve your campaigns.

Glue Up

Business Never Sleeps,
Neither Will Your Community

Give your community a place where they can connect with you and your mission 365 days a year even when meeting face to face isn’t possible.

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Community Hub

Место для вовлечения и обмена знаниями

Give your community a digital place where they can share their ideas, discuss various topic and stay social even when meeting in person is not an option.

Live Feed

Комментарии & Обсуждения

Каталог членов

Social Sharing

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Открытые и закрытые группы

Spark Discussions In Open Or Private Groups

Make it easy for everyone to find like-minded people and topics that matter to them so they can network with each other and exchange their opinions.

Открытые и закрытые группы

Custom Reactions


People Profiles

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Электронные визитные карточки

Help Business Happen

Enable your community to create and share their own digital business cards, manage their contacts and effectively network with everyone no matter where they are.

Персональные QR-коды

Доступно на всех устройствах

Сканер Визитных Карточек

Хранятся в отдельной CRM-системе

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Let People Talk

Make it your business to enable everyone in your community develop lasting relationships with you and each other via 1-on-1 chats with option to share business card.

Чат «1-на-1»

Картинки и смайлики

Media & Location Sharing

Персонализированные Настройки Конфиденциальности

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Set The Rules Of Engagement

You are the boss of the engagement. Create and manage different groups, allow and restrict access or offer greater functionalities to paying members of your community.

Роли и разрешения

Модерация контента

Дополнительные фильтры

Post Announcement

We mean it when we say it’s all-in-one

Great engagement starts here

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